Can't Refuse - EP Listeners


"Amazing voice, peaceful but energetic feeling to the song. Seems really well put together like it could be a radio hit. Lyrics that are meaningful and passionate but not overly emotional. There is a lot of elegance and grace to this song. There is nothing I do not like about it"

"The beat of the song is outstanding and the singer has a fantastic voice that works perfectly with the music. The sound quality is amazing and I could definitely see this being a top 10 song"

"I really like this song. Her voice is sweet but very strong. I think she has a real chance at making it in the market right now"

"The artist has a very good voice, its very attractive and catchy, perfect for just anyone to fall in love with"

"Really passionate and poetic lyrics. Also great production"

"A beautiful delicate voice, an accomplished guitar player as well as being great songwriter, what's not to like"

"This music is something that anyone can relate too, or listen to, and it’s just something you automatically fall in love with. Whether I’m down in the dumps or looking for something to jam to, Lainey is a go to!"

© 2020 by Lainey Dionne

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